6th International Conference of the Technologies of Information and Modelisation

Main Theme : Advances on Computer science – Ambient Science systems

November 25, 2022

About TIM’22 Events

The TIM’22 conference explores new concepts and ideas covering a wide range of topics in the field of Information and Modelisation Technologies. This year, the 6th edition of the TIM event is organized at the Ben M’sick Sciences Faculty by the TIM laboratory.

This edition is organized under the following theme: Advances on Computer Science – Ambient Science Systems. The goal of this edition is to discover emerging trends and advances in the domain of computer sciences technologies that are suggested to improve various facets of human life.

Similar to the previous editions, TIM’22 will offer presentations and poster sessions as well as professional meetings and workshops addressing different aspects of the event’s topics.

The program will provide participants the opportunity to present, discuss and compare recent research work. It will ensure interaction between researchers and professionals in the fields covered by this event in order to pave the way for future cooperation and collaboration between the participants.

All researchers and teams who are developing research or have recently taken an interest in the relevant areas of interest are invited to submit their work.


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